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He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home - Johann von Goethe
Susan Tucker’s 100-year-old home sometimes seemed a bit uninviting.
The kitchen was dark and cold, the countertop and storage space all but absent, the bathrooms cramped and unwelcoming. When Design Times Inc. began renovating, Susan had to admit to herself that she didn’t have high hopes that anyone could make the house a place she wanted to stay very long. Susan now finds her newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms so inviting that she expects “the restaurants in Denver are probably now suffering from our lack of patronage!”

Design Times
, of Denver, Colorado, creates environments, spaces that wrap their arms around you & say welcome home. Our specialized attention to maintaining the architectural integrity of your home extends from Denver Square to Arts & Crafts to modern loft settings. Design Times pairs modern conveniences with vintage lighting, period-style custom cabinetry, & colors that create a historically relevant exterior. Beneath each surface is a space that’s a bit roomier, a kitchen fit for two cooks, a room that fulfills your needs, in a design that’s as timeless as your home.

Design Times

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